Company Updates!!

February 1, 2021

Margaret Rowlands• 1stDirector at Temp Station Ltd So as I approach a milestone birthday I feel the time is right to step back (just a bit) and bring my daughter further in to the fold, so on February 1st I will be giving Nicola some of my shares in the company. It was always the intention of Mark & myself to build a business for future generations so we have also agreed that she will be made a Director at this time. This is based purely on merit as she has proven herself more than worthy over the last 6 years. Her “apprenticeship” has been tougher than most being the daughter of one of the bosses!
I’m looking forward (lockdown restrictions permitting) to more me time, more holidays with my husband and lots of time with my grandchildren. I will still however be in the office on a regular basis keeping an eye on the purse strings 😂